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In addition to all of the wonderful accessories found in and around your motorhome that make it the ultimate home away from home, there are a number of general living features that you will want to explore to make your holiday time both comfortable and safe.



🧯 It is important to familiarise yourself with where the fire extinguisher is located.

⚠️ Motorhomes are all fitted with smoke alarms, but are not fitted with carbon monoxide alarms. You can purchase and install detectors for peace of mind. However, if your RV is fitted with gas, the bottle will always be located externally in a protective, lockable compartment.


Main entrance door

First off, you will want to get the basics down on how to unlock and lock up your RV.

The central locking system to the drivers (front) cabin is a separate locking system to the RV side door.

To unlock the RV entry side door simply insert the applicable key and quarter turn it to the right, and vice versa to lock the door.

internal view of motorhome door

From the inside, it's as simple as:

a. Door lock
b. Door handle
c. External glass panel release latch

How to: 

  1. To lock the motorhome cabin door, turn the lock to the right 

  2. To unlock, simply push door handle down and it will automatically unlock

  3. There is a red/ green dot located near the lock. When it is red it means that the door is locked, and when green it means that the door is unlocked. 

We like to think that the world is crime free when visiting peaceful scenic locations across Australia... don't be fooled - play it safe and always lock up!

Fly screen on RV door


The glass panels on the entry doors can be opened to allow additional airflow into the motorhome whilst keeping the door locked.

To open the glass panel from the door:

  • Turn down the external latches securing the glass panel to the door
  • Inside the main door squeeze the lever under the internal door handle. This will separate the glass panel from the main door.
  • Secure the glass panel to the magnet on the motorhome's body.


Air Conditioning


Connected to main power or if you are carrying a generator on your travels.

Once connected, use the remote to turn the unit on.

Make sure you turn the air conditioning off with the remote at the unit before you disconnect the mains power.

The aircon settings can be controlled via remote control and vent directions can be adjusted on the aircon ceiling panel.

aircon remote diagram

Aircon panel diagram





Blinds & Fly screens

Blinds and fly screens are in-built into windows.

To close blinds, slide metal frame on length of window upwards. Slide downwards to open blinds.

Fly screens will automatically come down with the blinds.

To open fly screens, slide blinds down and you will then be able to slide the fly screens up and expose the window.

For maximum lifetime use, operate with care. Do not be forceful with the clips.

If you are travelling in high dust and or dirt zones, avoid having the fly screens exposed.



Each motorhome has 1-3 sleep zones. Whilst all of the below may not be applicable to your specific model, scroll down to find general guides on how to operate your bed.

Over cab bed

front section of interior of motorhome

The space above the drivers cabin is generally a sleeping area with a bed.

The ladder can be used to safely reach the over cab bed.

Be sure to secure the ladder before putting your weight on it and do not exceed the weight limit.

❗ Take care and mind your step when climbing down the ladder, as it is difficult to see what is below your feet.

This space can also be used as a storage space.

When used as a storage space only store light items in this section (such as beddings, clothes, etc) as heavy items will slide around during transport.

❗ Use the cargo net to secure stored items during transport:

over cab motorhome bed

Slide out


In some models you may find the following instead of an accessories switch:rv power board

❗ Please ensure that there is sufficient space for the motorhome slide out and there are no obstacle in its way.

  • The bed slide-out feature works off of the 12V battery system.
  • To operate the slide out, the vehicle will need to be stationary, with the engine off and break on.
  • Turn on the accessory switch or bed slide out switch at the main control panel.
  • In order to slide the bed in/ out, ensure that the 12V is switched on (it should always be on).
  • In the mains power board push the bed slide-out button in the direction that you would like it to operate.
  • It will only operate while the button is being pressed down. If the button is let go, the operation will stop.
  • Make sure no one is on the bed or in the dinette when the slide out is in motion.
  • Once the slide out is out, you can extend the bed a little more by lifting up the mattress, pulling the frame towards you, slide out the mattress and use the extra mattress piece to fill the gap.
  • Lift the bed to access the generous storage area beneath it.

❗ Remember to always retract the slide out before driving off! 


Drop down bed

Drop down beds work off of the 12V system and are able to mechanically be brought down over the living space.

rv drop down bed up
rv drop down bed down

Remove all cushions from the couches below the drop down bed.

Bed key and operation buttons will be located near the entrance of the bed section.

rv drop down bed key and control panel
  • Top operate the bed, turn key to the right (on) and use up/ down button to move the bed upwards/ downwards.
  • The mechanism only works when buttons are being pressed. If button is let go the mechanism will stop.

❗ It is recommended to keep the key in the lock at all times to prevent it from getting lost. Keep the spare key with all other motorhome spare keys.


Dinette - bed conversion

To convert the dinette into a bed, remove the table by loosening the latches underneath it and pulling it upwards.

Please note: The black handles are spring loaded so to operate you will need to pull the handle out first to allow it to turn; then releasing it will ‘lock’ it back in so it can be moved to tighten or untighten. Whilst it might feel like real trial and error, the sturdiness of this arm ensures restricted movement of the table whilst in use.

under RV dinette table

Remove the table leg by pulling it up and slide it onto the bottom of the dinette table to secure it onto the table.

under dinette table

Unlock the wooden slide compartment and slide it out and re-secure it to the lock holes on the side bench and floor.

RV back bed build process

Place the dinette table over the other half of the dinette space

rv rear bed build
under rv rear bed

Place bed cushions on top and dress bed as you would like.

rv rear bed

Make your bed based on the direction of sleep preference. If you are on a hill and are not using your stabilisers. Always lay with your head at the higher end for comfort. For extra room, you can store the back cushion rests underneath while using the bed, or in the overhead storage space above the cab.

set up rear rv bed


The TV operates on the 12V system.

Switch it on at the control panel (media switch) in the main electrical board and use the remote to turn the tv on

At each new location you will need to perform a channel search.

Raise the antenna up, by winding it up, for a better reception.

The antenna wind handle can be found inside the motorhome's on the ceiling.

 ❗ Remember to lower the aerial before departing or you'll be the talk of the caravan park as you head off!



Can be located in mains power board or on the wall.

rv radio diagram

To operate make sure the media switch is turned on in the main control panel.

a. Volume control
b. Power on/ off
c. Radio mode
d. Display screen
e. Frequency navigationf. Back / frequency mode
g. Settings

Press the power button (b) to power on.

Control internal and external speaker volume using the volume control button (a) click the button (a) to switch between zone 1 and zone 2. Zone one controls the internal speakers and zone 2 controls external speakers.

rv radio

Choose your preferred radio mode (AM, FM, AUX, BT*) by pressing the play/ pause button (c).

*BT = Bluetooth

rv radio

Manually switch between frequencies through the backwards and fast forward/ next buttons (e)

Go back or select type of frequency setting using button (f)

You can choose between an auto or manual frequency setting

Control your settings with the button with a page on it (g)



The lights will work off of the 12V system.

Remember to turn them off when not in use as it will drain the battery (when not connected to a mains external power source).

Lights can be turned on/ off at the main control panel, at their wall switches or at each individual light.

rv light switches


Got a question on general living features?

Or can't find what you are looking for? You can reach our team by submitting an After Sales support request, alternatively, connect with the Apollo Aftersales for Australia wide assistance on your RV.


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