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Apollo Manufacturer's Warranty

All Winnebago & Windsor RVs are manufactured by Apollo Tourism and Leisure Ltd, who were founded in 1985 and have since become a globally recognised leader in the RV industry.


When you buy an Apollo RV, you're purchasing a home on wheels that’s been designed and built by a team of engineers who have decades of industry experience backing them and invaluable skills to show for it. With dealerships across Australia and New Zealand, Apollo truly are familiar with the needs and expectations of their customers, and they strive to exceed those expectations every single time. Every vehicle that leaves the Apollo factory is a reflection of this dedication which guarantees you, as a customer, satisfaction.

 Winnebago OEM contact information
1800 825 867

Windsor OEM contact information
1800 825 867
Apollo Manufacturer's Warranty Guide

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1800 825 867

After Sales Support 1800 825 867

Apollo Manufacturer's Warranty

All new Winnebago and Windsor RVs are covered by the Apollo Manufacturer’s Warranty which is unparalleled within the industry and designed to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. At Winnebago, we believe that purchasing an RV should always be a long-term investment and the level of coverage provided by the Apollo Manufacturer’s Warranty reflects that.

5 Year Structural Guarantee

As an Apollo customer, the walls, roof, floor and windows of your motorhome or campervan will be covered for 5 years. Your 5 year structural guarantee also includes a structural support function against water incursion or loss of structural/functional integrity.

3 Year Body and Interior Guarantee

The Apollo Manufacturer’s Warranty covers the interior of your motorhome or campervan such as furniture, wet area fittings, cabinets and framing meaning you have protection against damage that causes loss of operational integrity. It’s important to note that your interior guarantee is subject to a "Fair Wear & Tear" consideration. 

Roadside Assistance

When buying any Windsor or Winnebago RV built by Apollo, you’re guaranteed support from a roadside assistance program based on the OEM warranty. 

After Sales Support

A One-Stop-Shop

Apollo Aftersales caters to all of your RV needs after you've made your purchase. Find out more about our services below:

Warranty and Repairs

While our vehicles are extremely robust and durable, we know that there's always a chance our customers could encounter obstacles. That's why any Apollo manufactured vehicle comes with the Apollo manufacturer's warranty. Our Aftersales team will look after any repairs for your Windsor or Winnebago RV and they will ensure that you're provided with all of the services you're entitled to and eligible for under your warranty. In the case that your warranty is void, our Aftersales team still offer a comprehensive range of repair services for a very competitive rate.


In order to maintain the Apollo manufacturer's warranty on your Windsor or Winnebago RV, you must carry out your 6-month inspection after purchase as well as your annual service. Our professional RV technicians have an unparalleled knowledge of your vehicle which means they can provide you with the most thorough and effective service available to  owners. When you book in for a service with Apollo Aftersales you're maximising the lifespan of your RV and optimising its performance. If you're unable to attend an Apollo Aftersales service location, contact the Aftersales team to find a preferred service centre near you.

Parts, Accessories & Modifications

Apollo Aftersales are the official retailer of any parts you may need for your Windsor or Winnebago RV. Aftersales head office is located on the same site as the factory where your RV was manufactured so you're guaranteed to get the best and most authentic parts available on the market. We also offer a comprehensive range of modifications for your RV if you ever decide to make alterations to it. Feel like changing up your interior? After purchasing are you regretting not adding an optional extra? Don't worry, it's those kinds of problems that our Aftersales team are here to help you with.  We offer modification services ranging from minor jobs to a complete transformation of your RV. We can complete electricity and gas certifications, add accessories and optional extras, provide body work, carry out decal replacements and lots more. For a specific modification or request, get in touch with the Apollo Aftersales team direct.