Can I add additional accessories to my selected RV?

Yes! Our RVs come inclusive with the most popular selection of accessories already bundled in the drive away price. You can also choose from a selection of optional extras to add to your factory build at point of purchase.


Can I choose different colour options?

Caravans Away offers signature style packs you can only purchase through this site. Choose from our selection of signature style packs or opt for the standard factory exterior colour palette.


I just selected and submitted my order. What are the next steps?

It’s really simple – first off you will receive a confirmation email of your payment, followed by contact from a Caravans Away representative to formalise the purchase through contract of sale.


Does Caravans Away take trade-ins?

Caravans Away does not take trade-ins however we want to make the purchasing of your next RV as easy as it can be. Contact us at to find out how we can assist you with trading in your current motorhome or caravan.


Do Caravans Away vehicles come with a warranty?

Sure do! Each RV comes with warranty as set by the manufacturer. To find out more in individual brand warranty head to our warranty page.

For extra peace of mind Caravans Away offers extended warranty offers at point of purchase through a third party provider.



What are the accepted payment methods?

The Caravans Away online store accepts the following payment methods: MasterCard and Visa.
For remaining balance payments we accept Master Card, Visa, cheque and bank transfer.


Can I edit or cancel my order?

Had a change of heart? If it means making changes to your order we offer customers the ability to update their order up until a specified cut off date. This will be shared with you during contract of sale, however typically this is 2 months prior to build completion. Order cancellations can be actioned at any point during the build process.*

*See our terms of purchase for more.


How much do I have to pay before taking delivery?

The amount payable will be clearly itemised on your Final Invoice, along with payment information.

Drive Away pricing includes all holding fees and the full deposit amount. Delivery costs are not included in Drive Away prices and will be calculated into your final invoice.

Before delivery of your new Caravans Away RV, we require that the balance be paid in full, either by bank transfer or by way of settlement from a financing institution.

Confirm your method of payment with your Caravans Away representative prior to Delivery Day. Payment must be received 24hrs prior to delivery, .

Final payment is accepted via:

  • Bank Transfer (direct deposit)

  • Credit Card (surcharge applies)

    • Visa

    • MasterCard

Note: Cheques of any kind are not accepted


What financing options does Caravans Away offer?

Please contact us for more information on our finance partners.


What insurance options does Caravans Away offer?

Please contact us for more information on our insurance partners.



What is Caravans Away’s delivery time frame? When can I expect to take delivery?

We strive for order dispatch as close to the selected build slot as possible, order volume and product availability may result in additional processing time.

A 90-day allowance on either end of initial delivery date is advised.


How can I check the status of my order?

We will do our best to keep you informed on the progress of your order. However if at any point you would like to check on the progress of your order, please contact your Caravans Away representative.


What delivery options are available in my area?

Caravans Away delivers from factory floor to door.

For locations outside of the Brisbane Metro area delivery fees may incur, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Do I need to have my insurance policy active before taking delivery?

It is recommended that comprehensive insurance is active prior to taking delivery. If you are financing, most institutions will require an active certificate of currency from your insurer prior to settlement.


Do I have to register my new caravan myself?

We will endeavour register all Queensland and interstate* vehicles and this is included in the Drive Away price. 

If you require your vehicle to be registered in a state that we are unable to complete registration for, you will be issued a 7 day Queensland registration permit and will need to complete a transfer of registration in your home state.

We reimburse 12 months registration on all of our new products. We will also reimburse you for all other associated registration costs, which do differ from state to state; these may include stamp duty, roadworthy inspection costs, plate fees etc.




I have a general question. Who can I contact?

For general questions regarding vehicles or orders, please contact us.