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Campervan External Accessories

winnebago bondi

winnebago bondi rear


*vehicle images for demonstration purposes only. Your vehicle model may vary.


1. Water Mains Feed

rv water mains feed


Located on the side of the campervan near the bottom of the vehicle.

Open the input by twisting open the seal. Connect the fresh water pipe by screwing the male end brass adaptor (found inside the vehicle with the campervan manual), then clip the hose on and turn on the external main water tap.

Nothing else is happens until the tap is used inside.

It is recommended to connect to a main water feed when possible to ensure you do have to keep refilling your water tanks.


Always remember to have your brass male end adaptor with you as campsites/ holiday parks do not provide these.


 2. Gas Vent

This vent only comes in to play if hot water is heated using gas.

This vent should only be covered while in storage. The cover can be found in utility drawer in the kitchen.

It is recommended to remove the cover for transport as it does not secure itself properly onto the motorhome and should be kept off while travelling as the system will not work if covered.


3. Gas & power outputs:

a. The gas output for a gas BBQ. To use gas from the campervan to gas up your BBQ, remove the rubber seal from the socket (this can be quite tight on new vehicles), plug the BBQ gas pip into the socket and twist it and turn on the gas bottle.

This will allow gas to flow from the campervan's gas bottles and into the BBQ.

To reseal the socket, line up the rubber cap by lining it up, pushing and twisting it in.

b. A 240V out power outlet - covered with a plastic flap. Lift the plastic flap to make use of the power outlet

💡 You can use the 240V outside to plug in appliances such as a kettle or toaster.


c. 12V plug in point and a USB port - covered with rubber seals. Simply lift these to use the plug / port

d. An additional aerial feed point for a TV - covered with a round plastic nozzle. Unscrew the nozzle to expose the feed point.


4. Awning


The awning is a sun/ shade only and should not be used in windy or raining conditions.

❗ When insuring the campervan be sure to inform the insurance company of the awning on the campervan.


To operate wind out awnings use the awning winder arm and insert it into the awning and turn until you can reach the awning.

Release the legs, extend and secure.

See awning manuals here:

Thule Omnistor wind-out manual

Dometic PW awning manual

(The manual version has drop down telescopic support legs, while the 12Volt version can support its own weight. All models should be closed during windy weather.)


 ❗ Remember to always put away the awning when moving the vehicle and every night or when not in use.


5. Fresh water tank infill

fresh water tank infill


To open the cover of the fresh water tank infill, insert the key and unlock the flap, it will pop open once unlocked. Insert the fresh water hose and fill until the opening spews out water.


6. Gas Compartment

There is a dedicated gas compartment located in the front of the vehicle, behind the drivers cabin.

This compartment can be opened using the same key that is used to open the campervan's entrance door.

Insert the key and unlock the door, open the door by rotating the handle and pulling the door out.

A gas compliance stamp can be found on the gas compartment door.

Be sure to lock the compartment when not in use.


7. Toilet Cassette

The toilet cassette compartment (where you will empty the cassette) is located externally on the side of the campervan.

To open the compartment door, insert the key (this is the same key used to open the main campervan entrance door) and unlock the door, the handle will pop out when the door is unlocked, turn the handle and pull the door open.

 💡 This cassette box is where all the toilet waste goes and is stored. This waste is known as black water.


8. Mains power inlet

Here you will plug your RV power cable in and connect to an external power source.

Lift the covering and insert plug into the socket and plug the other end of the cable into the external 15 amp power source.


Entry door step

❗ Remember to put the step all the way back in before driving off.


If the entry step to the campervan is left out when driving off an alarm will be set off within the drivers cab.

If you hear an alarm when pulling off, it simply means that the step to the campervan's entrance has not been fully put away.

If this happens safely stop the vehicle and lift the step back up.

For electric steps, if the electric mechanism for the step stops working it is most likely a blown fuse (a common problem). Do not to manually fold steps back in as it can damage the teeth of the motor, and could be quite costly to repair.

Fuses can be found under the dinette seat, pull them out to see which has failed, there is usually spare ones, just replace the blown one with a new spare one and the electric step mechanism should work again.



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