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Thule Omnistor wind-out manual

Knowing how to properly work your awning is essential to the proper care of the awning.

To wind out the awning a manual wind out awning:

Use the hand crank, line up the top bit to the hole under the rolled in awning. once in, turn the crank until it is secured.

Hold on to the two handles on the crank and using the bottom handle rotate it until the awning is about 1m out.

Extent the awning's support legs.

Continue to roll out the awning using the hand crank.

Ensure the support legs are secured straight or onto the motorhome.

If the model requires a centre support pole, secure it in. This can be found in the rear storage compartment.

Once fully rolled out, push hand crank up into hole and rotate until hand crank end bit aligns with hole shape and remove the hand crank.

Watch how to extent your awning here: