Winnebago wanderers get set for adventure in new campervan

Retiree couple and first time RV owners Errol & Barbara recently experienced the ease of online buying through and are now reaping the rewards of 2022 travel. 

Taking delivery of a Apollo-built Winnebago Bondi 2s FB in December, Errol & Barbara were excited to see their shiny new campervan turning down the street. Without having to step foot out of the house and tackle the traditional sales landscape, they were able to research, order and receive their RV all from the comfort of their home. 

"We are very happy with the van and the way we were kept informed on the progress as the van was being built. The short video on the build was very good to see it in real time." - Errol & Barbara

The couple also experienced the online digital handover and were impressed by the readily available resources as they learned the ropes of their new campervan. 

"The delivery was excellent and timely. We have only done one short trip with it but are looking forward to many more in the near future."

Here is how Errol & Barbara scored us on our service:

Overall online purchasing experience  9/10
Delivery & digital handover experience  9/10


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