Caravans Away customers take delivery of their new Winnebago Jervis

man and woman smiling in front of motorhome on delivery truck

Caravans Away customers and South-east QLD locals, Neil and Chaz, recently ordered and received a new Winnebago Jervis direct to their driveway. Here is what they have to say about their recent online purchasing journey:

“When we first found the Caravans Away website, we saw delivery timeframes of around 4 months, but no Jervis models. Once we started on-line chatting, we discovered that Caravans Away could supply a Jervis in December 2021. Despite our skepticism and expectations of a delay, we remain in awe of how well this new company performed.

Sure enough, after ordering our Jervis on 31st August, delivery to our home in Hervey Bay Qld occurred on 22nd December, a little under 3 months later! There was no delivery charge added either. No other competitors can come close to Caravans Away based on our experience. Outstanding performance.

My wife and I remain amazed at the ability of Caravans Away to supply our brand new Winnebago Motorhome in the timeframe achieved. From colour scheme, to decals, to brand of equipment, to availability of storage, etc., everything we had asked for and hoped could be supplied, was provided. Emails were promptly and pleasantly attended to on every occasion. It took a little bit of getting used to not putting a face to any of this and not even having telephone exchanges (Caravans Away truly is an online experience as they say), but they were most helpful. Even the delivery driver was affable and enhanced the experience. The gift pack that had been placed on board was a wonderful surprise."

At Caravans Away, although we don't get to see you in person, we are here for you during your purchasing journey. We are all about easy online purchasing, so you can focus on all your offline adventures. 

motorhome on the back of a delivery truck
Image taken by Neil and Chaz upon delivery of their new motorhome


Here is how Neil & Chaz scored us on our service:

Overall online purchasing experience  10/10
Delivery & digital handover experience  9/10

"The digital handover is not quite as good as face to face where you have the opportunity to immediately ask questions, but is adequate (indeed comprehensive) and always available to the owner for reference anytime. There were only a small number of follow up matters in our case, some just seeking confirmation of our understanding and none which prevent us using the motorhome. These have been fed back to 'after sales support' and their response is the only aspect of our experience yet to occur. We completely endorse the Caravans Away business model and unreservedly recommend them to any prospective purchaser. Thanks for everything."

The best part yet, this is only the beginning of Neil & Chaz's story, and while this next chapter takes place offline, we are incredibly excited and thrilled to have been part of their RV journey.

You too can get on the (online) band wagon and enjoy your offline RV adventures sooner with Caravans Away. Browse our available models online now.