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Campervan Driver Platform


Apollo have chosen to build the Winnebago Bondi campervan range on the renowned Mercedes chassis platform. Widely known as a trusted brand within the RV and automotive industry, the following brand offers a quality build chassis, impressive drive performance and warranty to give you peace of mind whilst out on the road.

Check out the below for links to warranty information, you will find the operation manual in your cab chassis compartment.

Chassis Brand Model Information (2021-22 campervan builds) Warranty
Mercedes (campervan) 2020-21 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (VS30) 316 CDI LWB RWD


Getting to know your RV:

The best way to navigate your drive platform is by hopping inside, getting the manual in hand and working your way through the features available on your model.

If you get stuck, or have a question that can't be found in the manual, you will need to remember:

  • Anything within the drivers cabin, contact the chassis manufacturer. The support phone number for the vehicle's manufacturer can be found on a sticker placed on the top right hand corner of the windscreen, and also in owner handbooks.
  • Anything behind the drivers cabin, within the campervan, please contact Apollo Aftersales for assistance.

Before you hit the road each and every time:

  1. Before driving your RV, ensure that you have read the manual and are knowledgeable of the vehicle's operation before turning on the ignition.
  2. Check whether your drivers licence will permit you to operate the RV. Campervans are legally allowed to be driven by anyone with an open license. 
  3. Always do a safety check around the inside and outside of the vehicle before driving. Ensure the gas is turned off, all doors and compartments are closed and locked, the entrance step is back in, the awning is securely back in, tv antenna wound down, the roof vents are shut and all hoses and leads are pulled out. Remember, this is not a car, this is a home on wheels, so ensuring everything is secure before departure is essential for your safety and the condition of the RV.
  4. Always refer to the fuel cap for the fuel type (petrol or diesel). As you would check your car's oil and temperature status ahead and during long drives, we recommend doing the same on your RV.
  5. Share the road - it's important to remember you are in a campervan with an average 7m in length. Ensure you are alert while driving and being courteous to fellow road users. Check out the website for more information on how you can be safe on the road and know the road rules.

 Drivers cabin:

drivers cabin of a motorhome

 Handy to know:

  • Both side mirrors of the campervan fold in manually
  • There are handy compartments within your cabin space, including overhead storage on some models
  • Swivel seats also feature in some models. This will allow you to turn your seats around to face the living space


You will be given two sets of keys for your campervan. The second set are all spares, and it is best to keep it that way. Keep them safe and in a storage location you will remember!

It is important you do not wet the drive keys.

Replacement of keys can be organised through the chassis brand.

Be sure to separate the two sets of keys and keep them somewhere separate and not in the vehicle.

👍🏻 Pro tip: We have supplied you with keys attached to a lanyard. Leave them on this. You'll be surprised how convenient the stylish lanyard can be! Hang them up wherever you go, and never lose them deep in your bag, or find the need to put them down in mysterious places.

Keys used for the drivers (front) cabin are different to the keys used for the campervan. You will be able to clearly identify which key will power the RV as the chassis brand logo will be on the key.

winnebago bondi key


Central locking:

  1. The central locking system to the drivers (front) cabin is a separate locking system to the RV side door.
  2. So this locking system will only operate the front driver and passenger door.
  3. The "house" door has a separate key and is not part of the central locking system.
  4. When using the central locking system to unlock the doors, if a door (in the front cabin) is not opened within 30 seconds the central locking will re-lock itself.

💭 The campervan main door key is a manual key that does not operate off of the same locking system as the front cabin - so it is quite difficult to lock yourself out.


  • The fuel tank door can be located when opening the front passenger door.
  • Refer to the fuel cap for type of fuel to be used.
  • Mercedes campervans do not allow for high flow diesel pump.
motorhome passenger seat open door showing fuel door

 Wheels and Tyres:

  • Tyre pressure varies depending on the vehicle's model and weight.
  • This will vary depending on what optional extras have been added to the campervan.
  • Please refer to the owner manual for more on tyre pressure.
  • The spare wheel can generally be located in the rear and at the bottom of the campervan.
  • When in need of changing a tyre, call the chassis manufacturer assistance number located on the top right of your front windscreen to request a wheel change.


All new Winnebago campervans are covered by the Apollo Manufacturer’s Warranty which is unparalleled within the industry and designed to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. At Caravans Away, we believe that purchasing an RV should always be a long-term investment and the level of coverage provided by the Apollo Manufacturer’s Warranty reflects that.

5 years - Structural guarantee

All new Apollo RVs are covered by two separate warranties – the manufacturer warranty (usually 5 years) and the Apollo warranty.

As an Apollo built RV owner, the walls, roof, floor and windows of your motorhome or campervan will be covered for 5 years. Your 5 year structural guarantee also includes a structural support function against water incursion or loss of structural/functional integrity.

3 years - Body and interior guarantee

The Apollo Manufacturer’s Warranty covers the interior of your motorhome or campervan such as furniture, wet area fittings, cabinets and framing meaning you have protection against damage that causes loss of operational integrity. It’s important to note that your interior guarantee is subject to a "Fair Wear & Tear" consideration.

Roadside Assistance:

Your chassis Manufacturer offers roadside assistance as well. To learn more on this, refer to your chassis warranty.



In order to maintain the Apollo manufacturer's warranty on your RV, you must carry out your 6-month inspection after purchase as well as your annual service. Our professional RV technicians have an unparalleled knowledge of your vehicle which means they can provide you with the most thorough and effective service available to Winnebago owners. When you book in for a service with Apollo Aftersales you're maximising the lifespan of your RV and optimising its performance. If you're unable to attend an Apollo Aftersales service location, contact the Aftersales team to find a preferred Winnebago service centre near you.

See more here:


Driver licence requirement

All campervans come standard with a weight class of 4.5 tonne. 4.5 tonne vehicles are legally allowed to be driven by someone with an open drivers license.



Driving Safety Tips

  • Make sure to do a walk around the outside of the vehicle for safety (with a checklist) before driving off for the first time and before departing on a trip.
  • Check out the Co-Exist website for short videos on RV driving tips [view here]
  • Campervans are larger vehicles and are more demanding on drivers than normal cars, be sure to drive to the conditions and stay alert
  • It is recommended to take regular breaks when on long drives. Plan to have a break every two to three hours when driving

Got a question on the drive platform?

Or can't find what you are looking for? You can reach our team by submitting an After Sales support request, alternatively, connect with the Apollo Aftersales for Australia wide assistance on your RV.


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