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Article: Style It Your Way

Style It Your Way

Style It Your Way

At Caravans Away we get that one of the most exciting parts to purchasing a new motorhome or caravan is the ability to style it your way. Whether that’s mood-boarding the perfect bed spread to go with the interior colour scheme or getting camp chairs that match the exterior of your van.

If you’re looking for a van that’s both aesthetically pleasing and withstands the test of time, then we’ve got you!

When ordering your factory new build RV through Caravans Away you can choose your own colour combination in the interior and exterior based on our selected options available.

Interior Caravan Colour Palettes – Which Will You Choose?

It's time to get hyped! You're in charge, so put your stylist mindset on and select your interior colour palette from our range available. You’ll need to be quick though, this offer is available up until 2 months out from date of delivery, as set by the manufacturer.

Now, you are probably wondering, what happens after this order confirmation date has been and gone? Once we surpass this period, the colour scheme is locked in and will be moved to our fixed new builds for sale. It's a good time to note that ALL of our colour options look absolutely FAB. 

Currently working with the Apollo factory, you can choose between two ever-so-stylish interior designs:

A – Metallic grey and galaxy white
B – Matte black and nikolo pine

Do we offer customisations? Unfortunately, no. Our manufacturers have sought out the trendiest, most popular designs that allow for frequency in production and benefit you as the customer with appealing designs (a big plus when the time comes for you to sell your preloved van).

Signature Series Decals Available Online Only

Thoughtfully designed, our team has collaborated with the leading brands for sale to offer a collection of signature series decal style packs available on each model. Choose the already included standard decals available for Windsor and Winnebago models OR go bold and unique with one of three signature colour designs: silver lining, golden road or bronze horizon.

The names speak for themselves, get ready for all the totally #instaworthy travel shots you can get with any one of these stylish designs!

How To Add Your Style To Cart

Easy! Head to our search results page to find the RV of your dreams. Once you go to the product landing page - you can toggle through the options available.

Keep in mind two things:

1) There is not an endless supply of build slots, you may find availability in some colour schemes in different months. The market is HOT, so now is the time to be spontaneous and commit to your greatest investment!

2) If you have ordered well before the 2-month cut-off date, and change your mind on the colour scheme you’ve gone with - you can change it up until order confirmation is required.

Got a question relating to the Style It Your way feature? Message us directly via the chat box.

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